Mental Health & Addictions Redevelopment Project

Social Safety Housing


The province of PEI has a significant and growing need for available and appropriate, fully accessible, transitional residential MH&A accommodation. Recovery focused programming for clients with complex, non-acute care needs is needed in the province.


Applying a stepped care model, 12 new long-term MH&A Alternate Level of Care (ALC) residential spaces will be established in Charlottetown on the MH&A Campus. These spaces will meet a growing need for individuals who require MH&A complex, non-acute care by providing available and appropriate residential accommodation. The ALC residential program will accommodate clients who may have a history of repeat visits within MH&A Acute Care Services and/or have otherwise spent extended periods of time on MH&A inpatient units.  This service will acknowledge and honour diverse cultural, social, and gender backgrounds and experiences.


  • A new, fully accessible, residential facility with accommodations for 12 MH&A clients with complex care needs outside of an acute care setting.
  • Continuity of care across the Island for MH&A clients with non-acute complex care needs


  • Reduces need for Acute Mental Health and Addictions beds
  • Improves access to care and reduces wait times
  • Provides new, accessible, modern facilities closer to home communities to support clients who have complex, non-acute care needs
  • Improves patient privacy and accessibility
  • Provides clients with increased opportunities for supported learning and wellness
  • Client access to an interdisciplinary service delivery model, enabled by supporting technologies; and facilitated by optimally designed indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Supports the use of virtual medicine by implementing state-of-the-art technology
  • Provides a modern, state-of-the-art facility for health professionals to work in and care for patients and clients while improving the capacity to recruit and retain MH&A professionals
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