Mental Health & Addictions Redevelopment Project

Social Housing: Addictions Extended Care


The province of PEI has a need for an increased number of longer-term accommodation for people requiring a supportive residential environment to maintain daily substance-free living. One of the current facilities that accommodates six people is no longer adequate and needs to be replaced and expanded.


Applying the Community First Model, a new modern facility will host 12 women in a residential addiction aftercare program. During a maximum 90 day stay, clients will receive full day and evening treatment programming. Lead by a social worker and a team of trained addictions professionals, the Addictions Extended Care Facility will support and equip clients with the life skills needed to achieve sustainable abstinence and overall wellbeing. This service will acknowledge and honour diverse cultural, social, and gender backgrounds and experiences.


  • A new, fully accessible, modern Addictions Extended Care Facility with a 100% increase in client accommodation space
  • Access to parklands, recreational and active transportation opportunities for enhanced health and wellness


  • Improves access to care and reduces wait times
  • Provides a new, accessible, modern facility to support clients to engage in life skills building to transition back to their community while marinating abstinence and overall wellbeing
  • Client access to an interdisciplinary service delivery model, enabled by supporting technologies; and facilitated by optimally designed indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Provides clients with increased opportunities for supported learning and wellness development
  • Reduces need for Acute Addictions Withdrawal Management beds
  • Improves client privacy and accessibility
  • Provides a modern, state-of-the-art facility for health professionals to work in and care for patients and clients while strengthening the capacity to recruit and retain MH&A professionals
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