Mental Health & Addictions Redevelopment Project

Community First Philosophy

We are building a community-first system of care that will allow Islanders to receive the care you need, when you need it, in the most appropriate setting as close to home as possible.


“All people living in P.E.I will have the opportunity to achieve and maintain the best possible mental health and well-being throughout their lifetime.”

Guiding Principles

  • Everyone has a role to play in mental health;
  • People can and do recover, and recovery is a unique and personal process;
  • The system is organized with and around the needs of Islanders and their families;
  • Culturally safe and competent programs and services are available to everyone;
  • Services are delivered using the best available knowledge, and are informed by ongoing monitoring and evaluation;
  • Effective use of resources at all times;
  • Stigma is reduced through promotion of mental health and addictions awareness;
  • Technology will transform where, how and by whom work gets done.


The Department of Health and Wellness, Health PEI, and health care providers across the Island have continued to advance their approaches to care delivery to meet the growing needs in both volume and complexity, address staffing shortfalls and gaps, and deliver care and services in aging facilities.  This work is per a 10-year Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, Moving Forward Together Link To Strategy developed in 2016.

The future of MH&A services and care is dependent upon partners continuing to work together, including care providers from across the health care system; clients, families, and caregivers; community-based services; and emergency and crisis services to design a high-quality care delivery system.

The government of PEI, HPEI and the Mi’kmaq people of PEI share a vested interest in ensuring mental and physical well-being across the lifespan. Through ongoing engagement and collaboration, the Mental Health and Addictions Capital Redevelopment Project will strive to honor Mi’kmaq culture and history through the creation of spaces and places that reflect and respect this rich heritage.


The future design of the mental health and addictions system across PEI is guided by a clear provincial vision, supporting principles, and core goals that describe an outcome clients, families, and providers can appreciate and value.

This vision is grounded in a Community First model that nurtures:

  • an integrated continuum of services;
  • an interdisciplinary care delivery model across providers;
  • enabled by supporting technologies;
  • and facilitated by optimally designed spaces to allow the right care, close to home, at the right time, by the right providers.
Programs and Services