Mental Health & Addictions Redevelopment Project

Social Housing: Addictions Transition Care Facility


The province of PEI requires increased space for intensive addictions day programming. This intensive programming is necessary to support individuals who have completed a withdrawal management process and have some recovery experience and existing positive community connections.


Applying the Community First Model, the Social Housing: Addictions Transition Facility unit is a 24 space (including 12 residential accommodation spaces) gender-inclusive, three-week intensive day treatment program for adults age 19 years and older. It is designed for people who desire to achieve sustainable abstinence and overall wellbeing.

As part of the addictions treatment strategy, this program is the highest intensity level. The program focuses on internal processing as well as the exploration of the root causes of addiction. This service will acknowledge and honour diverse cultural, social, and gender backgrounds and experiences.


  • A new, fully accessible, modern addictions transition facility built to accommodate 24 clients for three-week intensive addictions programming
  • Residential accommodation is available for up to 12 clients of each group of 24 participants
  • Access to parklands, recreational and active transportation opportunities for enhanced health and wellness


  • Improves access to care and reduces wait times
  • Reduces need for Acute Addictions Withdrawal Management beds
  • Provides a new, accessible, modern facility to support clients engaging in intensive addictions treatment programming
  • Client access to a new and modern Life Skills centre, an interdisciplinary service delivery model, enabled by supporting technologies; and facilitated by optimally designed indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Provides client with increased opportunities for supported learning and wellness development
  • Improves client privacy and accessibility
  • Supports the use of virtual medicine by implementing state-of-the-art technology
  • Provides a modern, state-of-the-art facility for health professionals to work in and care for patients and clients while improving the capacity to recruit and retain MH&A professionals
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